RDM Jargon Busting Sessions

2 Jun 2017 - 10:00
RDM Jargon Busting Session

Our Digital Curation Officers hosted 2 Research Data Management (RDM) Jargon Busting sessions during March and April 2017. The sessions were aimed at Libraries staff that wanted to demystify terms and concepts related to RDM. Each session began with a short description of the DLS RDM website and related services that have been implemented at DLS over the past year. We then looked more closely at two online tools that have been implemented to support researchers with data gathering, collaboration, management and sharing – OSF (under construction) and UCT Zenodo.

The second half of the sessions took on a more informal approach, borrowed from Library Carpentry’s jargon busting lesson. Participants gathered into small groups and discussed terms and concepts that they noted during the presentations. Once problematic terms had been resolved within groups, participants were asked to jot down the outstanding issues on red post-its, which were then discussed and explained with all participants thereafter.

The sessions were well attended and participants engaged enthusiastically. Feedback received from participants indicated that the sessions were well received and worthwhile. As a result, we plan to offer follow-up sessions at a more intermediate level.

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