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Digital scholarship

Digital Scholarship Workshop 2016

Renate Meyer, Head of Special Collections at UCT Libraries, introduces guest speaker, Pip Willcox, Head of the Centre for Digital Scholarship at the Bodleian Libraries, during a series of digital scholarship workshops hosted at UCT Libraries in June 2016.

Digital scholarship presents an affordable and open model for scholarly communication.

Digital media is a credible, professional, and legitimate means of research.

The use of digital collections within the UCT Libraries' Special Collections enhances research, teaching, and learning, specifically in the digital humanities.


DLS endeavour to support digital scholarship by:

  • providing digitisation and Research Data Management (RDM) services

  • increasing research output by supporting eResearch

  • supporting data management and data sharing

  • educating the research community about digital scholarship

  • training staff and students to use the infrastructure provided by UCT Libraries

  • integrating UCT Libraries’ digital tools and systems with regional and national infrastructure.

Open Science tools and services

Through the eResearch Centre in which DLS is based, UCT offers a range of tools and services for certain steps along the research data lifecycle, as shown in the image and table below:

Research stage UCT tool or service
Design study DMPonline
Store data UCT G Drive  -  UCT One Drive & UCT Google Drive  -  Additional storage
Publish report ZivaHub  -  Zenodo  -  Open Journal Systems

The platforms mentioned in the table above are supported directly by UCT. UCT students and staff are free to use whichever tools and services they desire, including external services, so long as those tools comply with the legal and ethical conditions (for example, provisions around data being stored in-country) that apply to their research.

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