Digitisation request: DIGITAL PROJECT


Please refer to our digitisation fees and consider whether you have funding to cover the cost of digitisation before submitting a project proposal.

If unknown, create a draft title
Describe as much as possible about the proposed project and include information about the types of materials to be digitised. Eg. media and formats, condition of materials, available information about the collection, etc
If unsure, please provide an estimate
What will the project entail? Have items been selected for digitisation, or will we need to make a selection? Is there metadata available, or will we need to research the collection? Do you have permission to digitise and/or disseminate the project items, or does copyright need to be cleared? How will the digitised files be stored and preserved? How will the collection be disseminated? Do you require long-term storage at UCT?
Describe who owns the materials and list any concerns or issues pertaining to copyright and IP
Please provide a motivation of no more than 200 words. Describe why this project is important and how it can be used to enhance research and scholarship.